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High Flying Bird (Soderbergh, 2019)

Steven Soderbergh’s iPhone rush is not over. With Unsane, he made it possible to make an effective thriller with minimal fuss, and now with High Flying Bird, he’s clamped down on his values and refuses to budge an inch. This is, in a way, his revenge against the system that once pushed him aside. This is his Moneyball and,…

Unsane (Soderbergh, 2018)

I wouldn’t say that Unsane is necessarily quality cinema, for a lot of it is of the pulp thriller variety that could pass off as an adaptation of a number of books with black covers with sinister images. And instead of elevating it, Soderbergh brings it down to the absolute basics by shooting it with an iPhone,…

Logan Lucky (Soderbergh, 2017)

Not having seen Ocean’s Eleven or its sequels, I don’t have much of a basis to make comparisons here. I know this is a heist film and a comedy, and that’s as much as I have to judge.