Paddington 2 (King, 2017)

We are lucky to have a film so pure, so in tune with what is right and decent, and so hugely entertaining as Paddington 2 is. I remember being similarly enchanted by the first film, despite initially writing it off as an innocuous kiddie flick before the great reviews convinced me to give it a go. Back then I felt rather ashamed for dismissing it; when it was before my eyes, I could barely contain my delight at a creation that was there to warm my heart and make me a better person. This time around, when the sequel came to these parts, I knew I could not fob it off. I had to wait a bit before I could buy that ticket, and now that I have I am filled with so much joy (and a little bit of sadness that there weren’t more people in the theatre to share my experience).

I don’t know what else I can say, other than I am grateful for this film’s existence. It has come to us at the right time, when the world is cloaked in so much fear and distrust. Little did we know that a small bear with a fondness for marmalade could give us hope and a newfound desire to be the most upstanding citizens we can be. If we show ourselves to be good by doing good things for others, we will find the rewards to be greater than we’d ever imagined. Kindness really is the key.

Oh, I’d go to the moon and back for that bear…